Lake Massasecum Tournament Results – August 19, 2012

Bruce Waite hangs on with the win with an 11.52 lb bag for the day.  The weather was cooperative on this day with sunny and calm waters.  Anglers tell tht most fish caught were in the 8 to ten foot depth ranges. Bruce also had the lunker of the day with a 3.10 lb largemouth. […]

Lake Pawtuckaway Tournament Results – August 5, 2012

This tournament was a hot one.  With temperatures in the mid 90’s any light breeze that came about was comforting.  Eleven anglers battled the heat as Ivan Sullivan hooked early and often.  His commanding lead in this tournament of 17.65 lbs for five fish earned him top honors as well as catching the lunker, a […]

Lake Waukewan Tournament Results – July 22, 2012

With a total weight of 16.24 for five fish, Paul Hatin lead the pack in this one.  Paul also lifted a hefty 5.38 lb largemouth earning hum the catch of the day.  Congratulations Paul. Ramp: Fair condition, steep / narrow launch and load, tight turn-a-round, parking on the street. Water: Clear to lightly stained. Average […]

Lake Wickwas Tournament Results – July 8, 2012

Frank Campisi take first place at Lake Wicwas with a five fish creel weighing in at 12.51 lbs.  Bruce Waite gets the lunker honor with his 3.57 lb largemouth. First Place: Frank Campisi Lunker of the day: Bruce Waite with a 3.57 LB largemouth. Ramp: New paved condition. Steep launch and load. Tight turn-a-round. Parking […]

Lake Attitash Tournament Results – June 10, 2012

Most anglers found their five fish creels throughout the day under clear blue skies.  Ten anglers participated in the Lake Attitash tournament and observed Paul Grages take the leader board with five fish weighing in at 3.11 lbs. Ed Brabant III takes the lunker of the day with a 3.45 lb largemouth. First Place: Paul […]

Barehill Tournament Results – May 20, 2012

Plenty of anglers turned out for the Barehill tournament with many catching some good bags. Clear skies with temperatures in the mid 80’s made this an enjoyable event for many.  Jim Hoyt lead the day with an impressive 18.66 lb bag.  Congratulations. First Place:  Jim Hoyt Lunker of the day: Jim Hoyt with a 6.08 […]

Nashua River Team Tournament Results – April 29, 2012

The team of Boss Goss and Frank Campisi win the Nashua River Team Tournament with a combined weight of 8.01 lbs.  Congratulations. First Place:  Team Goss/Campisi Lunker of the day: Team Waiter/Hatin with a 3.26 lb largemouth Ramp: New improved. Good parking within a short walk. Water: Stained not dirty.  Temp; 55 – 58 degrees. […]

Lake Massasecum Tournament results – August 7, 2011

Humid day brought out the angler in the Lake Massasecum tournament.  14 angler attended and scored the waters for their best five fish.  Bob Goss takes first place with this 12.06 lb bag. First Place:  Bob Goss Lunker of the dayL Jack Brooks with a 4.04 lb largemouth. Ramp: fair condition launch and load, bit […]

Forge Pond Tournament Results – 2011

Only seven anglers attended the Forge Pond tournament, most catching the five fish limits.  Ed Brabant Jr. tops the field with a 9.00 lb bag for the day.  Congratulations to Ed. First Place:  Ed Brabant Jr. Lunker of the day: Ed Brabant Jr with a 4.00 lb largemouth. Ramp: fair ramp, dirt, limited parking. Water: […]

Lake Pawtuckaway Tournament Results – July 24, 2011

Ivan Sullivan takes first place with his 13.12 lb bag on Lake Pawtuckaway.  Weather conditions were great for this tournament as 17 anglers competed in this one. First Place:  Ivan Sullivan Lunker of the day:  Sid Harris with a 5.14 lb largemouth Ramp: good condition launch and load,  fair turn-around with please of parking. Water: […]